Explore. Build. Survive.

Skycraft is a creative voxel adventure game made in WebGL. It is currently under development; try it out and tell me what you think!

Introducing Skycraft


The world of Skycraft consists of hundreds of floating islands of different types. Each island is unique and contains different blocks, monsters, plants, caves and other features for you to explore and/or conquer.


By harvesting different blocks from the different islands you can craft items and build yourself a huuge house. Or monument. Or castle. Or cave! Because each block is only 1/64th the size of that other popular voxel-game, buildings can be more detailed than ever!


You are not alone. Islands are inhabited by monsters who are not always happy to see you. But you might really, really need those resources burrowed in the rock beneath their feet... so what do you do?

Coming soon


Multiplayer will be a very important and natural part of Skycraft. Since you're playing in the browser, inviting friends to your own world is as easy as giving them a link. And you don't have to fiddle with servers!

A living world

Trees will grow, water will flow, day/night cycle, monsters.. the world of Skycraft will simulate many dependencies found in nature, for instance that plants only grow where there is enough light, and that animals need food.

More islands

New types of islands will be added all through the development of the game, with different biomes, buildings, features and monsters. Happy meadowy green island? Check. Volcano-island with a resident evil genius? Oh yes. Hello Kitty island? Well, maybe.

Show & tell

Invite anyone to fly or walk around in your world in spectator-mode. Just give them a link, and they can see your beautiful creation in all its glory, and explore it for themselves!


Create scenarios that others can play in their own instance. Who can get out of the house of horrors the fastest? Who can enter the castle, avoid all the traps and find the treasure? Make your scenario and find out!

More items

Jetpacks, pickaxes, shovels, swords, axes, armor.. and lots more. Maybe even grappling hooks? Guns? Monocles? Definently monocles.


24th of May » One year of Skycraft

1st of September » Skycraft alpha-0.4

8th of August » Under the Hood of Skycraft, Part II

16th of July » Skycraft alpha-0.3

10th of June » Skycraft alpha-0.2

26th of May » Under the Hood of Skycraft

23rd of May » Interview with Are You Game?

20th of May » A little game called Skycraft

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€5 (save €10!)

You get: The full game when it's done + access to the multiplayer alpha, and all later alphas and betas.


Knight of the Square Table

500 left


You get: The previous tier, plus your name/twitter-handle in the credits, and the in-game title «sir» or «dame».


Royal Family

100 left


You get: All previous tiers, plus the in-game title «lord» or «lady». And my eternal gratitude.



25 left


You get: All previous tiers, plus you get to name and design an in-game weapon, item or monster (within good taste). You are also bestowed the title «maker».


About the creator

@haeric is a Norwegian web engineer, who has currently opted to have his physical manifestation inhabit California. When he is not writing douchy third-person essays about himself, he can mostly be found doing WebGL for Matterport, gaming, hiking or climbing.

For a very long time he was happily engaged to Python, but the last three years or so he has been observed having a rather intimate relationship with Chrome Developer Tools and the V8 deoptimization log, leading some to believe that JavaScript might be more than just a fling...

Oh, and he has a blog too. How mainstream of him.

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